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Day 1


First, we pick you up from Douala airport.  Then Belo will be your base for the duration and features many shops, restaurants and a thriving market. It's a place where you can begin to get to know Cameroon while relaxing after your journey.

Day 2


Fundong is the capital of the Boyo Division with a population of around 20,000. It is located about 80km from Bamenda, the regional headquarters of the North-West region. The population is mostly rural and the primary occupation in the area is farming. Every 8 days busy markets take place in different villages in this region. One of the biggest of these local markets is in Fundong. Traders travel long distances to sell their products including fresh and dry fishes, meat, beans, rice, palm oil, fruits, vegetables as well as clothes and shoes. Go and soak up that special atmosphere and get to know the African tradition of bargaining. The market lasts for the whole day, and even during the night, every town is turning into a big party. Bars stay open until late at night, Cameroonian and Nigerian music is played non-stop and after a busy day everybody is just relaxing while enjoying a cool drink.

Day 3

Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos is a volcanic crater lake located along the ring road in the North-West region of Cameroon. The calm atmosphere, the bright blue water touching the shaped cliffs and small fishing boats make it one of the most idyllic places in this region.

Day 4


Nkambe is the next major town along the ring road. The drive here includes passing many small traditional villlages, beautiful views from mountains on to green valleys, wild rivers and white waterfalls, as well as small forests and a big variety of flora and fauna. It is situated at high altitude and therefore is quite a chilly place. Experience some local dishes in a small chop shop restaurant here or round off your day with a cool drink in one of the towns bars or the hotel.

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Day 5


On the road to Kumbo you will see small villages surrounded by hills, farms and the tea plantation in Ndu. Kumbo is a cool place situated 2000m above the sea level. It is one of the largest towns on the ring road. It is also the base for one of the most important and major kingdoms: the Panso. In Kumbo you are going to see the palace of this kingdom and maybe you will also have a chance to meet the actual chief. Here you will learn about traditions concerning the kingdom, the historical background, architecture and customs and traditions.

Day 6

Foumban,royal palace

This city is a mixture between North and West Africa and where Islam and Christianity meet. Moreover the city has the reputation of being the national art capital. At the museum of the Royal Palace located in Foumban you will learn more about the traditional kingdom of the Bamoun people and especially about the work of the 16th sultan Ibrahim Nyoa who once developed his own alphabet, Shumon, and his own religion which is a combination of Christain, Islamic and Animist beliefs. Still today, the influences of this sultan as well as the current ruler are still important for the city and its people.

Day 7

Foumban, Villages des Artisans and Lake Bamendjing

The "Village des Artisans" is a long street with several workshops for wood carving, blacksmith crafts and leatherwork. Here you can find some nice souvenirs and occasionally even some unique pieces.

Lake Bamendjing is a wide lake with a big variety of flora and fauna around it. It can definetly be considered one of the biggest lakes in the area and is must see!

Days 8, 9


Bamessing is one of the most famous places in the country for pottery. In a guided tour you will learn more about the process of pottery, from digging the clay to firing the finished articles. There is also a little boutique where you can obtain some souvenirs.

Day 10

Sabga Hill

From the top of Sabga Hill you will have a wondeful view over the whole area, with hills, valleys and waterfalls dotting the beautiful landascape.

Day 11

Savanna Botanic Gardens

The Savanna Botanic Gardens are located in Bafut arund 10 km from Bamenda. It is roughly 17.58 hectares in size. In these wonderful gardens you can take a leisurely stroll through a themed garden, go for a hike or attend many different classes, exhibits and events designed for both young and old.

The garden is home to more than 260 species of plants which are included in a herbarium, a nursery, an orchard, a demonstration farm, Savannah forest, Green forest and jungle village. Mainly used for conservation, research and recreation these gardens are a must see for anyone who appreciates natural beauty.

Day 12

Bafut, Makon Palace

In Bafut you can visit one of the largest fondoms in the North-West region. The Makon Palace is also one of the best preserved palaces and home to the traditional Achum: one of the oldest buildings in the whole of central Africa. A very well documented museum and a guided tour will give you more information on the kingdom, the traditional clothes and masks, the war with the German people during the colonization and historical as well as actual customs and traditions.

Day 13

Menchum Falls

Menchum falls is one of the biggest falls in the whole area . With a height of 150 meters, these are one of the most impressive waterfalls in the North-West province. On this idyllic site you can enjoy  the beautiful scenery while having a little lunch. Later it will be time for a little party.

Day 14 Sadly, all good things must come to an end and on this day we will take you to Douala airport.  We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us!  

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