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Behind the Cameroon Association for Sustainable Tourism (CAMAST) stands the Cameroonian non-profit organization RUDEC: the Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) which is situated in Belo, in the North-West Region of Cameroon.The CAMAST tour project is as a means to stimulate tourism in North Western region of Cameroon in a way that creates opportunities for the local people while at the same time offer you a great and unique experience.

This is why we chose to use the ‘pro-poor tourism’ principles in our project. The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) defines pro-poor tourism as “tourism that results in increased net benefits for poor people”. Thus, the point is that the local community benefits as much as possible from tourism in their towns and villages.Our approach to travel is as personal and flexible as you want to make it. You decide the way you want to travel, which places you want to visit and what you want to experience. Our prices are very reasonable and we offer tours to suit any budget.

Identifying opportunities in the region for local people to reap the benefits of tourism is our goal. RUDEC’s main aims are to assist in the socio-economic development of the community, to empower the underprivileged and to contribute towards the general development of the community. RUDEC works with local groups and individuals through a range of projects with varying focuses. The current projects that RUDEC is working on in order to help local communities are an Orphan and Destitute Children Project, a Teaching and Youth Project as well as a Garden and Nutrition Program (CGNP). All of the projects have common aims towards the generation of income, development of social wellbeing, educational development, improvement of health and livelihood and protection of the environment. Beside a pig project, the main income generating project to support these social projects is the Ecotourism project which started in 2008. All the benefit from the tourism project is going towards the social projects and therefore directly to the orphans, destitute and other unprivileged people in the Belo area.

Since its registration in February 2006 as a Common Initiative Group (CIG),In 2011, RUDEc was upgraded to an association with a wider scope over Cameroon. RUDEC always has been in collaboration with many international volunteers, who have either worked for the organization at the grassroots level, in Belo, or via the Internet. The idea for a Tourism project was born in 2008. Since that day, RUDEC and the international volunteers have been working hard to establish this project and to make it happen.We are a partner to the International Ecotourism Society . Today, RUDEC is able to offer special tours with cultural and natural highlights that help the community, improve the cultural exchange and respect the local people and their traditions.

If you want to be part of that unique experience to explore the North-West Region in a deeper way or if you want to learn more about RUDEC, we will be glad to answer your questions.

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