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Testimony of Laura Hellgrau

We had the pleasure to be the first tourists to do the day trip to Lake Oku with Camast, guided by our fab Tour Guides Joshua & Rebekka.
The walk up to the hill was already a little adventure due to the rain season left overs, still, our guides adapted rapidly to the situation and found a save alternative to see the Lake. Already on our way, the view showed wonderful agricultural work, and brought us to meet several local peasants by chance. Beside that we could see the mountains, the town of Oku from the heights, even Eucalyptus trees and medicinal plants. On the top of the hill next to Mount Oku we stopped for a little rest to enjoy our sandwiches as well as the wonderful view of the heart-formed lake and its surroundings. It is a very peaceful place.
Finally, we would also highly recommend you to visit the nearby Fair Trade certified clay production. If you ask Joshua about it he will give you the details.

Laura Hellgrau