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Tutorials FAQ

There are tutorials to help you add new things to the site and to change or remove old things.  When you do any of these things it is called "managing content".

You must use a special login to manage content.

Link to Tutorial


How to find content

When you are looking for a particular piece of content it helps to know how to use the search facility.

How to add a new product

You can add new products, but it's not easy.  Look carefully at existing products both on the outside as a normal user and on the inside as an editor before trying to add a new product.

Basic tips for the body editor

Some help when you are trying to do what you want in the body of a product or page.

How to upload Images to

If the site gets too full you can get extra space for images by using to host them.

How to link to an image on

If you have an image that you have uploaded to you can use it on the site by following this tutorial.