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 The Ndawara Tea Estate is the biggest privately owned tea estate in the world and certainly the greatest in whole West Africa. Only situated around 16 km from the centre of Belo, this little town surrounded by about 5000 hectares of tea plants is definitely a must see in the North-West Region. On your way up to the tea hills, you will pass the villages of Djichami and Afua, their local forest and many homes of the traditional Fulani land. In Ndawara a guided tour through the factory will teach you more about the world of tea. In the village, the palace of the founder of the Tea Estate and his little animal farm are waiting for you to be explored. Afterwards you can enjoy the view over the tea hills and soak up the special and very welcoming atmosphere. RUDEC/Cameroon Tourist welcome you on this unforgettable journey!



Around 8am you will leave Belo for a 4-hour walk up to the Ndawara Tea Estate. You should be aware that the hike is mainly uphill, but with beautiful views over the scenery of Belo and Boyo Division. After passing the village of Djichami and the steepest parts of the trek, you have a stunning overview of Belo and his surroundings including green hills, waterfalls and a big valley. Afterwards you continue the journey along forests, single houses and passing the traditional Fulani land and dozens of horses and cows. Fulanis are a different clan of people that mainly live in the hills of the North-West Region.

About an hour before you reach the small village of Ndawara, you will start to see the first tea fields. Once you get to the tea plantation, the first sight to be visited will be the tea factory. A local guide will show you around and explain everything about the process of making tea.

After the visiting the factory you will walk through the little village: mainly home to some of the hundreds of workers in the tea fields and the commercial heart of the whole area. It is also home to the palace of the founder of this estate. Although you can’t visit his shining white palace, a trip to the animal farm in this compound is definitely worth it. Horses, wild gooses, ostriches and snakes are waiting for you.

Now you can either decide if you want to walk back to Belo or take a motorbike. The journey on the motorbike will take about an hour and drop you directly to your Belo destination.   


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