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Quotes from our travelers

The hike to the waterfalls near Belo and the trip up to the Sacred Crater Lake were hands-down the highlights of our entire trip to Cameroon. The scenery was absolutely stunning and the staff of RUDEC were organized, accommodating and friendly. It was not like doing a trek with tour guides, it was like we were trekking with friends – just very knowledgeable and helpful friends! Of all the things we saw, did and experienced during our cross-Cameroon trip, our days exploring the Belo area with RUDEC are what we enjoyed the most.

(Picture shows Heather, McKinley, Joshua and two UK volunteers.)

McKinley Charles (Canada) and Heather Conley

Testimony of Laura Hellgrau

We had the pleasure to be the first tourists to do the day trip to Lake Oku with Camast, guided by our fab Tour Guides Joshua & Rebekka.
The walk up to the hill was already a little adventure due to the rain season left overs, still, our guides adapted rapidly to the situation and found a save alternative to see the Lake. Already on our way, the view showed wonderful agricultural work, and brought us to meet several local peasants by chance. Beside that we could see the mountains, the town of Oku from the heights, even Eucalyptus trees and medicinal plants. On the top of the hill next to Mount Oku we stopped for a little rest to enjoy our sandwiches as well as the wonderful view of the heart-formed lake and its surroundings. It is a very peaceful place.
Finally, we would also highly recommend you to visit the nearby Fair Trade certified clay production. If you ask Joshua about it he will give you the details.

Laura Hellgrau

Whitewater Tourism

"Working with Rudec is a great way to experience the adventure and
culture of Cameroon. The organization is based in a beautiful mountain
region an hour outside of Bamenda. I worked with the director of Rudec
to explore the area for whitewater tourism and was blown away by the
possibilities. If you have any interest in developing eco-tourism or
just enjoy seeing waterfalls, this area is prime."

Paul Gamache, Whitewater Professional, USA

Paul Gamache, Whitewater Professional, USA

Natural beauty

“Every day I see spectacular scenery, from the cloud covered hills to crossing the rushing river on the way to school. I love that on weekends, I can hike five minutes to a beautiful waterfall, climb a nearby mountain only to see children at the top, and walk the cliffs to see our village below.”
Chris Hoyt

Testimony of Stefan Ossyssek of Germany

The Baingo cliff walk is a perfect one day hiking tour to explore the area around the little ring road village Belo in the north-west region. It´s not to strenuous and not dangerous at all and you are rewarded with fabulous views from the cliffs towards the valley of Mbingo, Baingo, Njinikejem and Belo. Also you will experience different landscapes, perhaps meet some of the local cattle, visit a huge waterfall (also in dry season ;)) and of course your guide Joshua provides you with interesting information about your surroundings and the region. 
My colleague Alice and I got to know Joshua through our work for a NGO in Bamenda and found out about RUDEC by visiting him in Belo. RUDEC already is a well established organisation having hosted a lot of western volunteers over many years now. Joshua and his helpers do various local projects ranging from orphan support to educational and environmental projects such as beekeeping. I can say that he is a very cordial, welcoming and uncomplicated fellow and we always appreciated meeting him. On one of these occasions we did the aforesaid hike.
You start at the bend near Mbingo Hospital from where the path leads up moderately steep onto the long cliff over the villages Mbingo and Baingo. As there are many small cattle paths it´s easy to lose your way so we were glad to have Joshua with us who knows every blade of grass round there!
As said the walk is not too strenuous but you are well advised to take enough water for a whole day and also food with you although Joshua at the break might surprise you with yummy bananas from his own garden. During rainy season rain gear and good hiking shoes of course is standard, especially as you are hiking on relatively high altitude were rainfall often is even more severe. 
The great endpoint before returning to the street towards Belo is a great waterfall which of course is a perfect backdrop for a group photo. To go back on the street it´s not difficult, to catch a taxi to Belo or towards Bambui respectively Bamenda in the east.


German version

Die Baingo Klippenwanderung ist eine perfekte Tageswanderung bei der man die Gegend um das kleine Ring Road Dorf Belo kennenlernt. Die Tour ist nicht sehr anstrengend, ungefährlich und man wird mit tollen Ausblicken von den Klippen über das Tal mit den Orten Mbingo, Baingo, Njinikejem und Belo belohnt. Außerdem durchquert man verschiedene Landschaften, sieht vielleicht einige der heimischen Kühe, kann einen Wasserfall anschauen (auch in der Trockenzeit) und natürlich erfährt man von dem Begleiter Joshua vieles Interessantes über die Umgebung und die Region.
Meine Kollegin Alice und ich haben Joshua durch unsere Arbeit bei einer NGO in Bamenda kennengelernt und über RUDEC erfahren als wir Joshua in Belo besucht haben. RUDEC ist eine etablierte Organisation, die schon seit einigen Jahren viele westliche Voluntäre aufgenommen hat. Joshua und seine Helfer sind vielfältig lokal engagiert und machen einen große Bandbreite an Projekten von der Unterstützung von Waisen über Bildungs- und Umweltarbeit wie z.B. Bienenzüchtung. Ich habe Joshua als sehr herzlichen, gastfreundlichen und unkomplizierten Kameraden und wir schätzen es immer, ihn zu treffen. Bei einer dieser Gelegenheiten machten wir die besagte Wanderung. 
Man startet nahe dem Mbingo Krankenhaus wo die Straße eine starke Kurve macht. Von dort führt der Weg nicht zu steil auf die langgezogene Klippe über den Ortschaften Mbingo, Baingo, Njinikejem und Belo. Da es viele kleine Kuhpfade gibt, kann man leicht den Weg verlieren weshalb wir froh waren, dass wir Joshua dabei hatten, der in der Gegend jeden Grashalm kennt. Wie gesagt ist die Wanderung nicht sehr anstrengend aber man sollte auf alle Fälle genug zu trinken für einen Tag dabei haben und auch etwas zu Essen ist nicht verkehrt, wobei man vielleicht auch beim Rasten von Joshua mit leckeren Bananen aus seinem Garten überrascht wird. Während der Regenzeit ist die Mitnahme von Regenkleidung und festen Schuhen Standard, zumal auf relativ großer Höhe unterwegs ist, wo der Regen oftmals noch stärker sein kann. 
Den beeindruckenden Schlusspunkt bevor es Richtung Straße geht bildet ein gr0ßer Wasserfall der natürlich auch eine großartige Kulisse für ein Gruppenfoto ist. Zurück an der Straße ist es nicht schwierig ein Taxi nach Belo oder Richtung Osten nach Bambui bzw. Bamenda zu erwischen.



Stefan Ossyssek, Germany
Cameroon Tourist