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What can I do in Belo


A. Most foreigners would consider Belo as a small town, but it is still one of the major towns in the whole area. Every week it hosts one of the biggest markets where many people from different places come to sell fresh vegetables, fruits, rice and other food. In the centre of Belo, called 3 corners, you will find several sheds where you can buy food, drinks, electronic devices or other things. Local restaurants, called Chop Shops, will also serve traditional dishes for about 50 Euro Cent. In the evening you can relax after an exciting day in one of the several bars in Belo while having a cold beer or a Coke. If you want to explore the surroundings and you like hiking, Belo will be the place to be.  You can either explore the area on your own or one of RUDEC’s team members will show you some of the places. Most of the program that you can find under activities is based around the town, so it is the perfect starting point for most of them.